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We at trymedia specialise in video production, sleek editing & motion graphics to create bespoke visuals. We deliver high quality video services that capture an audience which ensures a service or message is heard.

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the intro - rukundo

music video

Rukundo is an alternative soul artist from Croydon. We were asked to direct a short visual for her upcoming project.The entire shoot was impromptu and shot in Shirley, Croydon. We also graded the footage.
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Picture of Cassandra Kyeyune aka Rukundo
Cleo Hair Sherifa Video

cleo hair

brand advert

Cleo hair asked us to direct a brand advert with the feel of fashion look book. We ventured all around Croydon to produce this vibrant colour filled video production also which included photography.
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soulgetic fitness 

brand advert

Soulgetic is fitness and fashion lifestyle brand  based in London We provided video services to support their Facebook brand awareness campaign. The campaign was well received.
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Michael Adu Kway Flo in the Gym Soulgetic
Jessica Goffe sitting in forest

jessica goffe - entrepreneur

promotional video

Partnering with MerchantLifeUK, we directed this short motivational video for up and coming entrepreneur Jessica Goffe.  She owns a recently launched nanny nightcare service and we were privileged to to direct the first of her online videos..
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lavahi - music video

fun visual

We stumbled across Lauren Highsmith aka Lavahi while on soundcloud. We were so blown away by her rendition of '4r Da Squaw' by Isaiah Rashad that Derrick Kityo decide to make an immersive motion graphic visual.
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Visual for Lavahi in After Effects
Money Pillow with Tongue out

the life of a merchant

brand advert

We did the video production and video editing for MerchantLifeUK's youtube channel trailer. With no planned storyboard, they asked for a motivational montage. We had great fun with the cinematics here.
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behind the millionaire samuel leach


Partnering with MerchantLife, we directed and produced this short documentary for millionaire forex trader Samuel Leach. The entire episode was shot in Watford within one day. It was well received through publicity on Samuel Leach's channel
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Samuel leach FX trading company
Ling test in croydon flats

ling test

fun visual

They say the best things are unplanned. A few of us gathered to shoot a video in Croydon. The aim was to create a beautiful visual whilst with some intrusive camera techniques. The title of the video came from some graffiti we encountered. The name simply stuck.
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sango - me de amor

fun visual

This experimental visual was expired by the Egyptian movement of Ramzy Dance Company and the mesmerising music of @SangoBeats. Again, there was no plan but to simply create a visual based solely off off the feeling. This immersive motion graphics video was well received.
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sango me amor picture screenshot

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